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The new generation of Philips Azurion R2 debuted at CMEF

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Company News
The new generation of Philips Azurion R2 debuted at CMEF

China, Shanghai - On May 13, Philips (China) announced that the new generation of Azurion R2 angiography system has passed the certification of the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and will be launched at the 2023 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF). As a new generation of angiography platform, Azurion R2 has comprehensive innovations in intelligent operation, real-time accurate high-definition imaging and comprehensive surgical clinical application, providing stronger support for interventional therapy.

Liu Weiye, vice president of Philips Greater China and head of the image-guided therapy business, said: "As a global leader in the field of image-guided therapy, Philips has always focused on providing predictive support for clinics through breakthrough technological innovations, including diagnosis, surgery, etc. Operation, workflow, etc. With the launch of Azurion R2 in China, we are very pleased to make meaningful contributions to the development of interventional medicine in China with our leading technology."

Core features of the Azurion R2 Angiography System include:

The intelligent operation innovation of "human-computer interaction" improves the operation efficiency in an all-round way. Azurion R2 is equipped with Philips' unique TSM bedside full touch-screen operating system, Procedure Card smart surgical management system, and Connect OS multi-point cloud work platform. Complicated operations can be realized at the bedside, and doctors do not need to frequently go back and forth between the operating room and the control room , the operation time is reduced by 17% on average; at the same time, it supports FlexVision Pro smart large screen, fully upgraded Win10 system and full Chinese operation interface, which also makes the computer interaction easier, and the overall workflow is highly optimized, which greatly improves the doctor's work efficiency and the department. Turnover.

Accurate high-definition imaging fully enhances surgical confidence. Azurion R2 is equipped with a new Ethernet rack EtherCAT, which provides precise synchronization at the nanosecond level, ensuring faster data transmission rate, higher real-time performance, and stronger anti-interference ability; based on the HD Live high-definition video platform, it improves spatial resolution and motion freedom Adaptive compensation ability, even if the patient moves slightly during the examination, it will not affect the high-quality imaging; the 5K ultra-clear flat panel detector provides ultra-high-definition image quality, making it easier to observe tiny blood vessels and blood flow, and enhance doctors' surgical confidence and decision-making efficiency.

Comprehensive surgical clinical application, convenient, efficient and safe. In the clinical fields of coronary artery, electrophysiology, structural heart disease, vascular surgery, interventional nerve, tumor, spine and other parts of the body, Azurion R2 can provide comprehensive clinical solutions, cooperate with "preoperative planning-intraoperative feedback-intraoperative "Navigation-postoperative evaluation" intelligent clinical surgical guidance improves surgical efficiency and success rate; 6.4MHU+21000W ultra-large-capacity tube with high-quality heat resistance and heat dissipation performance ensures long-term operation stable operation and patient safety ; Relying on intelligent dose optimization, control and monitoring triple low-dose protection scheme to ensure medical safety and comprehensive care for patients and interventional doctors.

In recent years, the discipline of interventional diagnosis and treatment in China has developed rapidly, and has gradually sunk to the grassroots level, and its application fields have continued to expand. Digital subtraction angiography (hereinafter referred to as "vascular machine") provides high-definition, real-time, and accurate image guidance for clinical diagnosis and minimally invasive interventional therapy in different departments such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, peripheral blood vessels, nerves, and tumors, greatly promoting interventional medicine. development of. The "intelligent brain" of the vascular machine - the development and upgrade of the core system platform usually means a longer R&D cycle and more investment in innovation, but it also means that it can bring subversive performance experience to the vascular machine. As a leader in the field of interventional surgery, Philips' angiography system has entered China for more than 30 years and has been deeply involved in the construction of interventional operating rooms in thousands of hospitals. In the future, Philips will rely on its strong and lasting innovation in the field of health technology to help improve the quality and efficiency of medical services and improve people's health and well-being.

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