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Philips Haoke Spectral CT officially launched in China through NMPA certification

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Company News
Philips Haoke Spectral CT officially launched in China through NMPA certification

Shanghai, China - Recently, Philips' new generation of spectral imaging Haoke Spectral CT has been certified by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and officially launched in the Chinese market.

The breakthrough of Haoke Spectral CT is that it is equipped with a new spherical wide-body double-layer energy analysis detector, adopts a new 3D grating technology, and brings excellent energy resolution and new material analysis functions with the ultimate photon utilization efficiency. In addition, this CT is also equipped with a new artificial intelligence imaging chain, which integrates AI scanning, AI reconstruction and AI post-processing, which can realize the convenience, intelligence and precision of energy diagnosis.

The new generation of spectral imaging CT has further broadened the application scope of color spectral imaging, and is suitable for all parts of the body of adults and children of various sizes, especially in the fields of cardiovascular, tumor and stroke and other important diseases, which will greatly improve the accuracy of the first scan diagnosis, Not only can it fully meet the needs of accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment, but its energy and multi-parameter imaging characteristics can also well meet the needs of hospitals in scientific research, realize the integration of clinical and scientific research platforms, and provide hospitals with multifunctional and more economical. solution.

Spectral imaging CT has broadened the application scope of traditional CT, and the diagnosis of human tissue has broken through the morphological limitations. It can realize functional imaging, metabolic imaging and even molecular imaging, and the images are more accurate. Cancer and stroke are more helpful.

At present, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in my country is on the rise, and it is estimated that the number of people suffering from cardiovascular disease is 330 million1. Coronary CT examination can detect the cause of heart disease in time. As a CT equipped with a one-stop cardiac solution, Haoke Spectral CT has achieved unlimited coronary spectral imaging through a new spherical wide-body double-layer detector, a new fast bed design and the latest AI technology, which is currently the highest examination success rate. One of the cardiac energy CTs; after a single scan, it provides a multi-parameter evaluation system for the simultaneous diagnosis of myocardial disease and structural heart disease, and can achieve clinical routine accurate cardiac energy imaging.

According to the global cancer burden data released by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), China has 4.57 million new cancer cases and 3 million cancer deaths, ranking first in the world. As a CT equipped with an integrated tumor diagnosis and treatment solution, Haoke Spectral CT has realized a comprehensive and rapid tumor evaluation service, covering early tumor detection, accurate staging and efficacy evaluation, and is good at accurately combating occult tumors; combined with its own 80 cm large aperture design With the spectral precision analysis function, it will greatly improve the accuracy of target delineation, and realize precise radiotherapy guidance and interventional treatment of tumors.

Stroke has the characteristics of "five highs" of high morbidity, high disability rate, high mortality rate, high recurrence rate and high economic burden. It is a major chronic disease that endangers the health of Chinese residents. Early screening and timely diagnosis are the keys to effective prevention and treatment of stroke. As a CT equipped with a full-process evaluation solution for stroke, Haoke Spectral CT is based on spectral water imaging technology, which can diagnose ultra-early cerebral infarction within 1 minute, shorten the stroke diagnosis and treatment process rapidly, and facilitate the early diagnosis and early treatment of stroke.

Chen Shengyu, Senior Vice President of Philips Greater China and General Manager of Precision Diagnosis Business Group, said: "As a global leader in the medical imaging industry, Philips has always focused on breakthroughs in the core technology of imaging equipment, leading the rapid development of the industry, and promoting cutting-edge health technology for clinical and Scientific research creates real value. The registration and listing of Haoke Spectral CT in China will better serve the local medical system in China, promote the integrated development of precise diagnosis and diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, tumor and other diseases, and improve the efficiency and quality of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Improve the effective utilization of medical resources from the source, benefiting the majority of doctors and patients.”

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