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Internationalization: an important trend in medical innovation

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Company News
Internationalization: an important trend in medical innovation

Internationalization: an important trend in medical innovation

Song Weiqun analyzed the 21st Century Business Herald that internationalization is one of the important trends in the innovation and development of the medical industry. Especially in the face of the new crown epidemic that has swept all over the world, the global fight against the epidemic has demonstrated the importance and urgency of the consciousness of a community with a shared future for mankind.

"As a pioneering force in the fight against the epidemic, the importance of international innovation exchanges and cooperation between medical companies has become increasingly prominent, especially in the face of vaccines, a powerful weapon to defeat the epidemic and restore the economy. The importance of international cooperation in R&D, production, and distribution is not It goes without saying that this also coincides with Johnson & Johnson's long-time advocacy of'strengthening global governance and cooperation in the field of public health to jointly improve human health and well-being'."

It is understood that Johnson & Johnson's business is widely distributed, involving three major areas of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumer products. There are four major innovation centers and 13 innovation incubators JLABS around the world. It has also established a one-stop cooperative innovation that radiates Asia Pacific and faces the world in Shanghai. platform.

Relevant researchers from the School of Pharmacy of Peking University once analyzed that the internationalization of pharmaceutical R&D has many benefits to companies, including absorbing and mastering advanced new drug R&D technology and management experience, conducive to the development of the host country’s market, improving financing channels, and accelerating the cultivation of technology monopolies. Advantages of new drugs, participation in global competition, etc.

Drugs and medical devices have long R&D cycles and high R&D costs, and developed countries have many financing channels, which are conducive to obtaining capital; drug registration requires continuous communication with the local regulatory authorities of the host country. The R&D department is located in the host country, which undoubtedly has the right time and place. Advantages; moreover, the completion of a drug registration through Belden can accumulate more experience for applying for new drugs in the future.

According to analysis by industry insiders, with the globalization of new drug R&D in the future, managers of pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology companies must have a more holistic view. They must be able to observe changes in international Chinese drug or technology R&D trends, and also be able to smell the future. Meet changes in medical needs. Whether the R&D manager has an accurate and advancing judgment is crucial to the survival and development of an enterprise.

Song Weiqun also said that talents are also an important element for Johnson & Johnson to continue to lead innovation and breakthroughs. To benefit human health through innovative products and technologies, talents are undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of achieving this mission.

"Johnson & Johnson follows the creed of operating principles, the second paragraph of which is to be responsible to employees. Therefore, we have made a lot of efforts in the cultivation of innovative talents and the construction of innovative culture. We have a belief that one of the corporate social responsibilities is Help employees develop, show their talents, realize their career ambitions and life dreams. We encourage employees to break through themselves, and provide employees with cross-departmental, cross-field, and even cross-regional rotation opportunities, and make full use of Johnson & Johnson's global layout, support and empowerment Can innovate the development of talents." Song Weiqun said.

At present, there still seems to be a large talent gap in the field of medical innovation. According to the "2021 Talent Market Insights and Salary Guidelines" issued by Career International, new drug R&D has become the source of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmaceutical giants are targeting the emerging field of biopharmaceuticals. The relative development of the biomedical market has caused a shortage of people across the board.

The above guidelines show that in pharmaceutical R&D, there is a shortage of macromolecule R&D and immunologists; in clinical development, there is a serious shortage of key positions such as clinical scientists; in addition, there is a large shortage of talents in production, sales and other links.

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