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GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001

GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001

  • GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001
  • GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001
  • GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001
  • GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001
GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001
Product Details:
Brand Name: GE
Certification: CE
Model Number: V100
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T(wire transfer), Western Union, Paypal
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001 Brand: GE
Catalog: Patient Monitor Parts Warranty: 90 Days
MOQ: 1 Piece Application: Hospital ,Clinic ,etc
Payment Method: T/T ,Paypal ,Western Union Packaging: Carton
Package Unit: 1
High Light:

V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard


2047614-001 Patient Monitor Mainboard


2047615-001 Patient Monitor Mainboard

GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001


The monitor in the intensive care unit is more malfunctioning, because the patients in the intensive care unit are generally in serious condition, and the monitor needs to work 24 hours a day, which results in a higher failure rate.



GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001

Item name GE Carescape V100 patient monitor mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001
Brand GE
Model V100
Use place hospital, laboratory
Deliver time 3-5 days
Warranty 90 days



GE Carescape V100 Patient Monitor Mainboard 2047615-001 2047614-001 0


Problems of Patient monitor

1 fault 1


1.1 Failure Philipilipenomenon


After the monitor is turned on normally, the content on the monitor screen is not displayed (fuzzy or black), and the power-on indicator is normally lit, and the power-on prompt sound can be heard when the device is turned on.


1.2 Failure analysis and maintenance


A common failure of a few monitors is that the screen does not light up after normal startup. Usually the backlight high-voltage board or power supply board of the screen is where the failure occurs. First, you can replace the backlight high-voltage board. Detecting the fault, testing the backlight board and finding that the power supply voltage of the high-voltage board is not 14 V, but only 0.3 V, indicating that a fault has occurred on the 14V power supply. Follow the line inspection, it is the 14 V power output from the main board. The power board or the power output is likely to fail. Check the power board and check whether the original and output circuit are faulty. After further investigation, the power output is found to be 16 V. The original is also No damage. In this way, it is suspected that the fault may be on the motherboard. The high-voltage power supply for the screen is a DP60 on the motherboard, and the combination of the DP60 is a DG22AB circuit, which can control the output of the power supply. At first, I suspected that it was a DG22AB failure, but the problem still persists after replacing it. I checked the motherboard again. It was detected that the network port board connected to the motherboard detected that the TG75 control chip on the network port board did not respond to measurement. After replacing the ordinary TG75 chip, turn on the computer. troubleshooting.


2 failure 2


2.1 Failure Philipilipenomenon


After normal operation, the power indicator does not light up, the fault light, battery light and AC power indicator light are off, and there is no power-on prompt sound.


2.2 Failure analysis and maintenance


Such failures are mostly caused by the power supply. First check whether the power cord is loose or broken. Check whether the monitor power supply board fuse is blown, and whether there is a DC voltage output at the power output terminal. If there is no output, first observe whether the power board has obvious damage. , Burn marks, use the resistance file of a multimeter to measure the breakdown of the transistor Q7 electrode and the Zener diode ZD21. After replacement, the troubleshooting is eliminated.


3 malfunction 3


3.1 Failure Philipilipenomenon


Repeated non-invasive blood pressure measurement did not display the measurement result, indicating a blood pressure failure.


3.2 Failure analysis and maintenance


This type of failure is mostly caused by the module air pump components. First, measure whether the air pump motor winding is open. After measuring the motor winding is normal, continue to check down. After the measurement, it is found that the resistance of the pressure sensor pin is infinite, indicating that the X401A pressure sensor is damaged. In order to ensure that there is no other The fault was measured again on the X401B pressure sensor, and the sensor pin was short-circuited. After replacing the two pressure sensors on the flat cable, the fault was eliminated.


4 Failure 4


4.1 Failure Philipilipenomenon


When the monitor is turned on and working, the other parameter functions of the device are displayed normally, but the blood oxygen saturation is not displayed.




5 Failure 5


5.1 Failure Philipilipenomenon


The blood oxygen line item does not exist on the MP5 monitor screen of the monitor.


5.2 Analysis and troubleshooting


It is the most common failure that the blood oxygen item does not appear on the monitoring screen. In order to better analyze the cause of the failure, a comprehensive inspection of the parameter settings of the equipment should be carried out. Through the method of troubleshooting the parameter settings, strengthen the understanding of the equipment functions and find out the cause of the failure that does not display the blood oxygen item. If you are not sure of the specific cause of the failure, you can take the most direct method, which is to adjust the parameter settings to the factory settings in the settings, clear all other settings, and return to the monitoring state of the device when it leaves the factory. In addition to this reason, the main reason for the absence of blood oxygen items is that the monitoring module is not properly connected. The specific method is to replace the blood oxygen probe and reconnect it.


6 Trouble 6


6.1 Failure Philipilipenomenon


After the device is turned on, a black screen or no content is displayed, but the power-on indicator light is on, and you can hear the "beep" sound during the power-on self-test. The sound of the air pump can also be pressed when the power-on blood pressure pump button is pressed. When I heard


6.2 Analysis and troubleshooting


During the use of the equipment, the failure of the screen not to light is also common. There are many reasons for this failure. In addition to the abnormal connection of the screen, damage to the screen is also the main reason. Judging from the actual process of the current equipment, it is relatively simple to troubleshoot the screen connection abnormality. You only need to reconnect the screen cable. The specific method can be achieved by rewiring and checking the line connectivity. The troubleshooting of screen damage is relatively complicated, and the process is mainly summarized in the following aspects: First, determine whether it is a connection failure, and after determining that it is not a connection failure, check the monitor screen. Secondly, it is necessary to detect the light-emitting board of the screen, which can be implemented by means of power supply detection and main board detection. Verify the estimated results: first check the power board. After removing the power board, check whether the output circuit is damaged or not, and check whether the output voltage is normal. When the power board has an output voltage of 14V, it means that the power board is normal. There is a malfunction. Then, it is more likely to judge that the main board of the monitor is malfunctioning. A field effect tube D040 on the main board of the monitor provides power to the high-voltage board of the screen. In general, there is a combination circuit of the DG21AB field effect tube and D040 together, which can be very Control the output of the power supply well. The DG21AB FET was initially suspected to be malfunctioning. After removing it, the malfunction still remained unresolved. However, only a set of 14 V power supply mainboard is powered on the power supply board. On the way from the power supply to the voltage circuit of the backlight board, there are many load circuits composed of D040 field effect transistors and DG21AB field effect transistors. It can be supplied to the backlight board. Looking along the voltage on the circuit board, you can see that the capacity of a filter capacitor is decreasing. After switching to an ordinary capacitor, turn it on again, and it is found that the fault no longer exists.


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