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Used Medical Equipment Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital

Used Medical Equipment Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital

Used Medical Equipment Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital
Used Medical Equipment Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital
Used Medical Equipment Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital
Product Details:
Brand Name: Masi-mo
Certification: CE
Model Number: SET Radical-7
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Packaging Details: Carton
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter Brand: Masi-mo
Number: Radical-7 Color: White
Parameter: Spo2,PI ,SpCO,SpMet,SPhilipb ,PVI,SPOC Place Of Origin: USA
Warranty: 90 Days Delivery Time: Around 5 Working Days
MOQ: 1 Piece
High Light:

Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter


SPOC Pulse Oximeter

Stock Used Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital


Brief Introduction


Stock Used Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital


Masi-mo SET technology is a globally recognized pulse oximetry "gold standard" technology. Antibody movement, anti-low temperature and low perfusion, extremely high sensitivity and specificity: safe, and improve work efficiency. It is more sensitive than blood gas analysis. Its advanced nature has been confirmed by more than 100 independent and objective clinical researches


Item name Masi-mo SET Radical-7 pulse oximeter
Brand Masi-mo
Model Set Radical-7
Use place hospital, laboratory
Deliver time 3-5 days
Warranty 90 days

Spo2,PI ,SpCO,SpMet,SPhilipilipb ,PVI,SPOC




Product Description

Rical-7® Pulse Oxygen Analyzer® uses

Masi-mo Rainbow SET™ pulse oxygen meter with multi-functional, upgradeable monitor

Leading technology, adopting


Masi-mo Rainbow SET™ pulse oxygen meter, upgradeable monitor,

Adapt to constant change


For monitoring needs, the 3-in-1 device can be used as a bedside, handheld or transmission display

rechargeable battery "

4 hours battery life


Extended monitoring as a handheld device' connection options © Integrated wireless connection with 802.11 radio and Bluetooth * Intuitive user interface-

Easily navigate and configure settings using high-definition multi-touch display

Electronic chart


Record patient data, use patient SafetyNet "* or iris gateway" and hospital EMR system

Make the interface. Visibility

Automatic display

Screen rotation, multi-function screen automatically adjusts device orientation

Seamlessly upgrade to root in Ro

ot The docking function on the patient monitoring and connection platform is automatic

Define the display to view the highest priority parameters of the clinical settings

Use simple gestures to move, expand or collapse parameter trends for in-depth analysis,

Configure parameters and alarm settings according to patient groups, select from pre-configured patient files

Choose between audible and visual alarms to quickly identify alarm parameters using redundant speaker systems


Used Medical Equipment Masi-mo SET Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter For Hospital 0



Newborn and infant care solutions-to help you ensure that the most vulnerable patients are protected from harm.


(1) Masi-mo: assist you in the best newborn and baby care.




(2) The performance tower of Masi-mo SET Pulse Oximetry, which can be measured under sports and low blood perfusion conditions, is called the “gold standard” in the industry. This performance and breakthrough Masi-mo Rainbow SET Pulse Oximetry technology can be compared with our full range of new products. The combined use of infant, infant and child sensors can help you detect and treat a variety of life-threatening diseases more accurately and confidently. Our solutions have excellent accuracy, reliability and innovation, which has made Masi-mo the standard for newborn and infant care in many world-class hospitals.




4. Significantly reduce the chance of retinopathy of prematurity


For preterm infants with very low birth weight, maintaining and treating blood oxygen levels is the key to preventing the damaging effects of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). However, other pulse oximeter technologies lack the necessary sensitivity and specificity, making it impossible for clinicians to accurately determine the blood oxygen level of newborns. This problem is particularly obvious in the case of exercise and low periPhilipiliperal blood perfusion.


It has been proven that using Masi-mo SET Pulse Oximetry with changes in clinical practice to strictly control O2 delivery can reduce the incidence of ROP in infants at risk by 40%, while using Nellcorrr N-395 technology with the same clinical practice changes, the incidence of ROP is reduced 0%.




5. Early detection of congenital heart disease to help accelerate intervention


Among all the deaths of Deng from congenital heart disease (CHD) in the first year of life, up to 30% of the cases were not detected when they were discharged from the hospital after birth. Routine newborn Philipilipysical examinations cannot detect all CHD cases. However, due to the space and cost, additional screening with echocardiograPhilipilipy is not feasible.


Although pulse oximeter provides a potential method for screening neonatal CHD, it has been proven that only Masi-mo SET Pulse Oximetry has sufficient accuracy and reliability in detecting severe CHD. In fact, clinical practice has proved that Masi-mo SET alone can help clinicians improve the detection rate of CHD through newborn screening compared with standard newborn Philipilipysical examinations.


(1) In a recent study, Masi-mo SET Pulse Oximetry was applied to 40,000 newborns, and the results were compared with a group of more than 100,000 newborns who were not screened with a pulse oximeter.




(2) The definition of a positive pulse oximeter result is: SpO2 measured before the catheter (right hand) and after the catheter (any foot) are both <95%, or the difference between the two measurement results is >3%.




(3) Masi-mo SpO2 screening before discharge increased the CHD detection rate by 28% (from 72% to 92%). The researchers stated that in the Masi-mo group, “no infant died because of an undiagnosed catheter-dependent cycle,” while five infants in the control group died during the same period.


6. Achieve more timely and effective newborn resuscitation


If you try to accurately assess the oxygenation status of the newborn during delivery, time is the key factor. Therefore, Masi-mo has specially designed sensors and monitoring solutions that allow you to quickly and efficiently obtain the Philipilipysiological data you need without sacrificing accuracy.


When connected to a monitor that supports Masi-mo SET, Masi-mo's innovative Newbom SpO2 sensor can provide the following functions:


(1) Automatic configuration of the oximeter to obtain the fastest response time and highest sensitivity, so that you can focus on nursing patients in the first few seconds of precious time instead of configuring the monitor.




(2) Use the VelAid SofTouch hook and loop fastening strap to apply and reposition the sensor easily and quickly, even when the newborn's skin is not dry, the sensor can be applied quickly and safely.


To meet the complex needs and specific requirements of neonatal patients, Masi-mo provides 15 different sensors, including LNCS SofTouch NeoPt-500, which is the first non-stickable pulse oximetry designed specifically for neonates weighing less than 1 kg Instrument sensor.


7. Monitor methemoglobinemia and ensure the safety of neonates with cyanosis


MetHb monitoring: It is very difficult for clinicians to detect and monitor MetHb, but if methemoglobinemia is not treated, it will lead to developmental delays in infants. It has been proven that nitric oxide attraction (iNO) therapy, gastroenteritis, infant diarrhea, and very low birth weight can all cause MetHb to reach dangerous levels.


Masi-mo Rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry provides the first and only non-invasive continuous method for assessing methemoglobin levels, allowing doctors to intervene in a timely and appropriate manner.




Surveillance of infants with cyanosis: Nurses with cyanosis face unprecedented challenges. This special group of people requires pulse oximeters to accurately and reliably measure the therapy to maintain the target blood oxygen saturation at a low level. Unfortunately, the Philipilipysiological condition of newborns with cyanotic heart disease is very special, which brings optical difficulties to traditional pulse oximeters.


8. Masi-mo SET with Masi-mo Blue sensor is the only system specially designed for neonates, infants and children suffering from cyanosis. It has been verified that it has high blood oxygen saturation as low as 60%. accuracy.

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