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Philips releases China's 2021 Future Health Index report Medical institution managers seek high-resilience development during the epidemic crisis, embrace digitalization to accelerate the transition to a "value" model

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Philips releases China's 2021 Future Health Index report Medical institution managers seek high-resilience development during the epidemic crisis, embrace digitalization to accelerate the transition to a "value" model

The "2021 Future Health Index Report" conducted surveys and interviews with managers of hospitals and health care institutions to obtain insights. It is one of the largest surveys of its kind in the world
This report covers 14 countries and regions, focusing on understanding the vision of medical institution managers for the health care system in the next three years, and how to seek development opportunities in the continuous fight against the epidemic
The survey shows that Chinese health and medical leaders have full confidence in the resilience of the Chinese medical system. They are further embracing digital technology, expanding multi-party cooperation, accelerating the transformation of the medical system to a "value-based", and further improving the resilience and quality of care of China's medical system

Shanghai, China-Today, the global health technology leader Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) released the 2021 China version of the "Future Health Index Report-Future, Unlimited Possibilities: Healthcare Leaders Seek in Crisis Development opportunities, looking forward to the future of the industry." This is the sixth year of research in the Philips "Future Health Index Report" series, and it is also one of the largest surveys of its kind in the world. This year, nearly 3,000 hospital and medical institution managers from 14 countries and regions around the world accepted the survey. The report focuses on the health care industry managers' views on the industry development in the next three years in the context of the epidemic, and what they think is the key to hospitals or medical institutions facing the challenges of the epidemic, looking for development opportunities, and opening up new paths for medical health development.

Respond to crises with extraordinary resilience and accelerate the transformation of health care to a "value-based" model

In 2020, the new crown epidemic swept the world, causing the world to experience major changes unseen in a century. In critical moments, China's medical system has shown extraordinary resilience. At the beginning of the outbreak, a solid protection network was quickly built to effectively control the spread of the epidemic. China's medical and health leaders are very proud of this. The report shows that 96% of Chinese respondents highly approve of the resilience of the medical system under the epidemic, which is higher than that of many other countries. At the same time, China's excellent anti-epidemic effect has also injected a "cardiotonic agent" into the development of the health care field. In the survey, 90% of Chinese medical and health leaders expressed their confidence in the future development of China's medical system.

In the survey, there is one piece of data that is quite exciting. When asked what factors would hinder the future planning of hospitals or medical institutions, only about one-third (34%) of Chinese respondents cited the epidemic as the main external factor hindering their future planning capabilities. This data is significantly lower than the 14 market average (68%), which in a sense reflects the resilience of China's healthcare system and the confidence of relevant managers in the future. But at the same time, crisis response is still one of the current priorities of Chinese healthcare leaders (48%).

In the process of adapting to the new normal of epidemic prevention and control, Chinese medical institution managers continue to use practical actions to help improve China's medical system and comprehensively strengthen the construction of public health service systems. Domestic hospitals and medical institutions have successively become "value-oriented". The medical model is advancing, and the "value-based" medical system has been adopted (22%) or is being promoted (19%). Compared with the traditional medical model that takes the number of consultations as an important indicator, "value-based medical care" is committed to providing patients with better diagnosis and treatment results at a lower cost.

Actively embrace digital transformation, artificial intelligence and remote interconnection empower hospital operations

The epidemic may have accelerated the digitalization process in the medical and health field. Chinese medical and health leaders are currently investing heavily in digital technology, especially in the two areas of artificial intelligence (47%) and telemedicine (47%). At present, they focus on the improvement of operational efficiency (36%) brought by artificial intelligence, and expect that artificial intelligence can play a greater value in the prediction of care results (31%) and integrated diagnosis (32%) in the future. In the next three years, the investment focus of Chinese medical and health leaders may be more clearly inclined to artificial intelligence (68%), so as to give full play to the value of smart technology, further strengthen the degree of informatization in hospitals, and thus empower hospital operations manage.

In response to the epidemic, the Chinese medical system has undoubtedly handed over an excellent "answer sheet", but Chinese medical and health leaders will not stop there. In the face of huge medical needs, they are exploring new ways of care. Break through the barriers inside and outside the hospital and improve the accessibility of medical services. As a result, remote patient monitoring solutions have become the focus (31%) of Chinese medical and health leaders who are currently investing heavily. Chinese medical and health leaders also stated in the survey that, on average, about one-fifth of daily care is carried out outside hospitals or medical institutions, and in the next three years, this proportion is expected to usher in a small percentage. Increase (23%).

Collaborate to promote industry changes, alliances to promote ecological integration

The managers of Chinese hospitals mentioned in the interview that they hope to obtain integrated solutions to help them cope with the challenges from diagnosis and treatment, process optimization, department management, clinical research, etc., instead of spending a lot of time and energy managing many single and Suppliers that cannot be integrated with each other.

About one-third of Chinese medical and health leaders believe that expanding partnerships will help the implementation of digital health technologies, and 21% of Chinese medical and health leaders expressed their willingness to increase investment in strategic cooperation to promote their hospitals Or the development of medical institutions, this ratio is higher than many other countries under investigation. Specifically, they are more inclined to establish cooperation with technology-oriented health information technology and informatics companies (42%) to accelerate the digital development of their hospitals or medical institutions.


Kong Fa, vice president of Philips Greater China, head of marketing and medical affairs, said: "The survey results of the Chinese version of the Future Health Index in 2021 fully reflect the resilience of China's health care system in responding to major public health incidents. , Foresight in the transformation of value-oriented medical care, professionalism in embracing digital technology, and openness and holistic view of cooperation and integration with local ecosystems. We are very excited about this and point out a clear direction for our transformation to focus on health technology. In the future, we will continue to focus on the unmet clinical needs of the Chinese medical system, adhering to'open innovation' and'platform thinking', and work closely with hospital customers and local innovation ecosystems to jointly explore cutting-edge technologies and one-stop solutions , Innovative business models and other applications in the medical field to achieve greater value to the industry and patients-improve public health, improve patient experience, improve medical staff satisfaction, and reduce care costs."

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