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Philips releases CareSync integrated smart hospital information system

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Company News
Philips releases CareSync integrated smart hospital information system

Shanghai, China - Today, Philips and Huikang, a startup company, jointly released the CareSync integrated smart hospital information system, providing a fully integrated end-to-end information system solution for energy efficiency optimization of hospital operations, empowering hospitals to accelerate digitalization and intelligence Transformation to help improve new quality productivity and promote high-quality development of the industry



In recent years, the medical and health field has ushered in digital transformation centered on data elements. The "14th Five-Year Plan for National Health Informatization" particularly emphasizes the need to closely integrate the application needs of the health and health industry with the development trend of new generation information technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry through digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and promote the advancement of health and health undertakings. Quality development provides strong technical support.



Against this background, Philips relies on its deep insights and innovative experience in hospital operations, clinical and data aspects, and adheres to the concept of being patient-centered and clinical needs-oriented to tailor CareSync for the Chinese medical system. The integrated smart hospital information system brings an end-to-end solution focusing on the patient journey, covering the entire process of data production, collection, storage, processing, analysis, and insight, while taking into account international adaptation, localization integration, and demand iteration. , to meet the diverse needs of domestic hospital information construction, accelerate the construction of smart hospitals that integrate smart medical care, smart services and smart management, and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of medical services.


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Integrated collaboration: breaking system barriers and optimizing user experience



In order to help medical institutions cope with the challenges of massive data and solve the problem of data islands across regions, hospitals and departments, CareSync adopts a unified data model and development platform to realize the basic operation business and core clinical business of medical institutions. The integration at the three levels of interface, data and business process covers outpatient, emergency, and inpatient business processes and includes multi-functional applications such as HIS, EMR, nursing, pharmacy, and anesthesia, achieving multi-dimensional interconnection of data, multi-hospital interoperability, Improve quality and maintain consistency in user operation experience between different business modules, providing a smoother and more efficient work experience.

At the same time, relying on the unified group architecture design, Feiyuekang CareSync realizes data sharing between group hospitals and various campuses, as well as stable collaboration of the businesses of all parties. On this basis, relying on highly configurable features, it can meet different needs. The business needs of the hospital district are to balance "personalization" and "integration" and solve the traditional problems of medical information systems.


Clinical demand orientation: deepen clinical decision-making and improve specialty capabilities



Faced with the complex clinical needs of China's medical system, CareSync provides a wealth of clinical support tools and refined process management. At the same time, through local independent research and development, it has created an embedded support system that is suitable for clinical applications and established in-depth clinical medical advice. The management system empowers integrated intelligent clinical decision-making to help improve medical quality and efficiency.

In addition, in addition to supporting the general medical management needs of the entire hospital, CareSync also has a variety of specialty applications, providing customized workflows, evaluation scales, calculation tools, etc. for specialties such as oncology chemotherapy, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, pain, and nutrition. Process and functional support assist doctors in providing clinical solutions to patients, fully empowering specialist diagnosis and treatment while feeding back the hospital's scientific research and helping to further improve specialist capabilities.


Flexible configuration performance: empowering personalized management and assisting lean operations


In the context of the new era, optimizing hospital operation and management models and practicing high-quality development have become the cornerstones of promoting the transformation and upgrading of medical institutions. Starting from the satisfaction of patients and medical staff, medical safety and quality, and operational efficiency, it is imperative to implement a lean hospital management model centered on the implementation of benefits.

In response to the needs of hospital lean operations, CareSync relies on modular design and highly flexible and scalable configuration to provide scenario-based solutions for medical institutions, which can meet the top-down unified management of medical institutions at the group, hospital and department levels. needs, and supports the realization of personalized needs of different institutions, departments, roles and users. It not only improves the hospital's independent business management capabilities, but also empowers the hospital to better manage operation and maintenance costs with support for the multi-dimensional billing system. .


As a participant and promoter of medical informatization construction and digital transformation, Philips will continue to explore and unlock the value of data elements, inject continuous momentum into the construction of smart hospitals in China, promote the high-quality development of China's medical and health industry, and then make medical information The results of modernization and digitalization can effectively benefit the vast number of doctors and patients and improve the health and well-being of more people.

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